Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - President’s Advisory Council Procedure

The purpose of the President’s Advisory Council is to advise the President of Saint Paul College 
on budget, long range planning, policy development, facilities, marketing and public issues. The 
President’s Advisory Council is made up of business, industry, government, and community 

Membership for each councilmember shall begin on the July first closest to their start date. They 
shall serve a three (3) year term. Officers will include a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

The Chairperson serves a one (1) year term. The Vice Chair automatically succeeds the 
Chairperson and the Secretary automatically succeeds the Vice Chair. The Chairperson will 
appoint a nominating committee in January of each year to determine recommendations for the 
office of Secretary. Election of the officers shall occur at the May meeting.

President’s Advisory Council members may be appointed upon recommendation of the President 
of the Saint Paul College and any committee member with committee approval.

Employees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, including the President of 
Saint Paul College, shall serve as “ex officio” members. “Ex officio” members are non-voting.

The Saint Paul Board of Education representative will be a current Board member. The Saint 
Paul College Student Senate representative will be currently enrolled at the College as a student. 
Both representatives will serve on the President’s Advisory Council until they no longer serve on 
the Board or Student Senate. At that time, a newly elected representative will be seated.

Business will be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order. A quorum is necessary to conduct 
business. A quorum is defined as ten (10) voting members of the General Advisory Committee. 
After three (3) consecutive absences by any member, the Chairperson will contact that member.

The Council shall meet no less than four (4) times annually with additional meetings being called 
as needed by the Chairperson with appropriate notice.

Membership of the Council will include, but not limited to, the following representatives:

Chamber of Commerce/Economic Development --------------------------- (3)

City of Saint Paul Government ------------------------------------------------- (1)

College Programs (Business, Health/Services, Liberal Arts,------------- (5) 

Technical/Trade, Deaf Education/Special Needs)

Industry and Manufacturing ----------------------------------------------------- (3)

Labor --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (3)

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities ---------------------------------- (1)

Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board ------------------------------ (1)

Ramsey County -------------------------------------------------------------------- (1)

Saint Paul College Faculty Representative ----------------------------------- (1)

Saint Paul College Graduate ---------------------------------------------------- (1)

Saint Paul College President ---------------------------------------------------- (1)

Saint Paul College Student Representative----------------------------------- (1)

Saint Paul Public Schools -------------------------------------------------------- (2)

State Legislature ------------------------------------------------------------------- (1)

State of Minnesota Department of Labor /Industry/Apprenticeship ---- (1)

Women in the Trades ------------------------------------------------------------- (1)

Other – Members

President’s Advisory Council guidelines will be reviewed each year at the Fall meeting.


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