Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Donations Procedure

Upon approval of a Dean, an instructor may accept a donation that will support the learning 
environment of our students.

The following procedure shall be used when accepting donations of supplies and/or 

  1. Item(s) are delivered to the college. A donation form must be completed and submitted by the 
    instructor or Dean to the Office of the President within 5 days. If the item is a motor vehicle, 
    boat or airplane a current title must accompany the donation. The title must be signed by the 
    donor. The donation form can be found on the Business Office section of the intranet.

  2. There shall be no goods or services provided in exchange for the donation.

  3. Within 20 days of securing a donation the President shall acknowledge the donation. A letter 
    shall be sent that includes the donor’s name, address, tax identification number, VIN if 
    applicable, and other information regarding the use and disposition of the item. A copy of the 
    letter will be forwarded to the business office, dean and program instructor.

  4. If the donation is a vehicle that will be junked, the Office of the President shall mail the title 
    to the State of Minnesota indicating such.

  5. The Office of the President shall retain all documentation for donations of supplies and/or 
    equipment that have been accepted by the college.

  6. The business office shall record the donation in ISRS to the appropriate cost center and fiscal 

  7. A receipt or other supporting documentation shall be provided to the Business Office when a 
    donated vehicle is permanently removed from the school’s inventory.


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