Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Gifts and Grants Acceptance Procedure

The College shall complete a “Gifts and Grants Acceptance Reporting Form” on all gifts or grants 

over $50,000.00 to the college and submit the information, each fiscal year, to the system office 
to be incorporated into a comprehensive report to the Board of Trustees. See Minnesota State 
Colleges and Universities Policy 7.7.1 for form.

All gifts and grants of real property shall be formally accepts by the Board of Trustees and shall 
be subject to appropriate due diligence and conformance with the Saint Paul College campus 
facilities master plan. All vehicle donations shall follow the vehicle donation process available in 
the business office.

All gifts and grants must be recorded in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities financial 

The “Gifts and Grants Acceptance Report Form” is not required for a gift or grant to the college 


Ref: Minnesota State 7.7.1

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