Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Vehicle Use Policy

This policy and the correlated procedure set forth the general standards for motor vehicle safety 

operation and cover the use of State owned or leased vehicles and the use of personal vehicles 
when utilized to carry out Saint Paul College/State of Minnesota business.

Due to the limited number of pool vehicles, the College is unable to provide vehicles for every 
request. Pool vehicles are available for the exclusive use of academic and administrative 
departments in order to facilitate essential College business. When available, individuals are 
required to use College pool vehicles before using personal vehicles for College business. Some 
individuals may need to use their own personal vehicle due to the nature of their College job. 
Please consult with your supervisor.

Employees are responsible for complying with the Vehicle Use Policy and the correlated 

Procedure details guidelines concerning:

  • Driver Qualifications
  • Conditions for Use of a College-Owned or Leased Vehicle
  • Reserving a Pool Vehicle
  • Vehicle Operation
  • Accidents
  • Vehicle Breakdown Procedures
  • Charges for Use of Pool Vehicle
  • Operating Personal Vehicles for College Business​



Minnesota State Board Policy 5.19 – Travel Management

• Minnesota State Board Procedure 5.19.3 – Travel Management

• Minnesota State Board Procedure – Driver’s License Record Check

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