Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Key Control Procedure

  • Control of Locking Devices
  • Key Authorization and Eligibility
  • Obtaining a Key
  • Key Request Form
  • Return of Keys
  • Duplication of Keys
  • Lost Keys
  • Inventory

Part 1 – Control of Locking Devices

Subpart A. The Department of Public Safety shall be responsible for the maintenance of 
key control including the issuing of keys, key control record keeping, and lock change 

Subpart B. Locking devices not approved or authorized by the Department of Public 
Safety will be removed. Any damage or repair necessitated by the removal of 
unauthorized locks will be the responsibility of the department found in violation of this 

Subpart C. Keys to Saint Paul College owned cabinets, lockers, desks, drawers, etc. are 
not covered under this policy. Keys shall be furnished upon request when available; but 
the issuance, control, and recovery shall be the responsibility of the academic or 
administrative department head.

Part 2 – Key Authorization and Eligibility

Subpart A. Administrators, Department Heads, or their specific designees shall be the 
only personnel authorized to request keys or lock changes within their respective 
departments. Departmental designees shall have their authority delegated via electronic 
requests, from Saint Paul College email, and authorized by the department head and 
forwarded directly to the Director of Public Safety. Requests not directly approved and 
forwarded from the department head will not be accepted. Department heads are 
requested to carefully consider all requests for keys so that the protection and security of 
Saint Paul College facilities and property are maintained.

Subpart B. In no case shall the issuance of keys be authorized by the same person to 
whom the keys are to be issued.

Subpart C. Building entrance keys may be issued to full-time Saint Paul College 
employees only if the employee’s job responsibility requires such assignment as approved 
by the President.

Subpart D. Master keys will be issued to employees having a continuing need for the 
key(s) only upon the appropriate justification and the approval of the Director of the 
Department of Public Safety. Individuals accepting custody of a master key will be 
emailed and asked to respond acknowledging their responsibility for the key’s care, use 
and return upon retirement, change of title, resignation or separation from the college.

Subpart E. Saint Paul College keys will not be issued to students.

Part 3 Obtaining a Key

Subpart A. Supervisor or designee will fill out a Key Request Form located on the 
College Intranet at and 
submit it for approval. The request must then be approved and forwarded to the Director of 
the Department of Public Safety.

Subpart B. The Department of Public Safety will verify the requestor’s authority over the area.

Subpart C. All keys shall be picked up by the individual named on the Key Request Form 
at the Department of Public Safety. A Saint Paul College identification card must be 
presented when receiving the key.

Subpart D. No person shall be issued multiple keys for the same area.

Subpart E. Recipients of Saint Paul College keys will be responsible for the 
keys’safekeeping and at no time should leave them unattended (i.e., hanging in a door lock, 
lying on a desk, etc.).

Part 4 – Return of Keys

Subpart A. All keys, including access cards for electronic locks and elevators, shall be 
surrendered to the Department of Public Safety upon termination of employment, transfer 
to another department, or upon the request of the department head, Vice President for 
Finance and Operations, Physical Plant Director, or Director of the Department of Public 

Subpart B. Keys shall not be exchanged between individuals.

Subpart C. Prior to the end of each term, the Department of Public Safety will provide a 
list of adjunct faculty keys to each Dean. Faculty without an assignment the next term 
will be notified to surrender keys prior to end of term.

Part 5 – Duplication of Keys

Subpart A. The duplication of keys by anyone other than the Saint Paul College 
Department of Public Safety is prohibited unless authorized by the Director of the 
Department of Public Safety.

Part 6 – Lost Keys

Subpart A. The loss or suspected loss of a key is to be reported to the Department of 
Public Safety immediately. The cost of a replacement key is $25.00 per key and will be 
paid by the employee to whom the key was issued.

Subpart B. The cost for each lock that is re-keyed in order to restore security shall be 
$100.00. The cost of a re-keyed lock will be paid by the employee to whom the key was 
issued. An individual key may unlock more than one door.

Subpart C. The Department of Public Safety shall investigate each incident of lost keys 
and may authorize lock changes needed because of a breach of security.

Subpart D. Charges for replacement keys, master keys, new locks, and hardware may be 
appealed to the Vice President for Finance and Operations, who will consider the 
circumstances of each incident. Refunds for waivers granted will be issued after the 
review process has been completed.

Part 7 - Contractors

Subpart A. Keys needed by contractors must be authorized by the Department of Public 
Safety. Contractors must exchange a picture identification at the time of check-out and 
return all keys the same business day they are checked out. All costs for key recovery or 
re-keying related to unreturned keys will be the responsibility of the firm to which the 
keys were issued. Final payment of invoice will not be made until keys are returned. Any 
charges will be deducted from final payment.

Part 8 - Inventory

Subpart A. An annual inventory of active keys will be conducted. Once a year, each 
department will be provided a list of individuals and their assigned keys. Each department 
will be required to certify the accuracy of the list. Any discrepancy shall be explained for 
inventory adjustment


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