Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Key Control

‚ÄčSaint Paul College shall maintain a locking system for the protection of students, staff, 

faculty, facilities, and property. The procedure shall establish a framework by which Saint 
Paul College keys will be issued, monitored, and maintained. Fees shall be assessed for 
lost keys.

Saint Paul College locking system shall include all locking devices including exterior gate 
and door locks, interior area locks and keys, combination devices, and all other locking 
devices including padlocks and electronic card access devices. All of the above locking 
system components are the property of Saint Paul College. 

No individual may use personal locking devices, nor may locks be changed or re-keyed 
without approval of the Director of the Department of Public Safety.

Student employees of the College will not be issued keys for more than one business day. 
Keys will only be issued to College employees and approved partners.

The Vice President for Finance and Operations is authorized to establish and administer 
regulations and procedures in order to provide physical security of Saint Paul College 
facilities and its occupants, and to provide for administration and control of campus keys. 
The administration of key control shall be delegated to the Department of Public Safety.


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