Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Campus Security and Crime Reporting Procedures

‚ÄčReporting Procedures

All criminal activity occurring on campus shall be reported immediately to Public Safety, at (651) 
846-1322 and/or the St. Paul Police Department, (651) 291-1111. Public Safety will assist the 
complainant in completing criminal reports. These reports will also be forwarded to the St. Paul 
Police Department. In appropriate cases, Public Safety will assist the St. Paul Police Department 
with investigations. Every effort shall be made to ensure that physical evidence is maintained and 
protected. Immediate reports will assist in preserving evidence.

All employees, faculty or staff who become aware of an allegation of violation of the College 
policy, student code of conduct, civil or criminal law should report the allegation to their 
supervisor and Public Safety. The following people with significant responsibility for student and 
campus activities (not including counselors) must report potential criminal activity of which they 
are aware to the Department of Public Safety:

President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Business Manager, Bookstore Manager, Department 
Chairs, Financial Aid Supervisor, Student Life Director, Human Resources Director, 
Affirmative Action Officer, Admissions Specialist, Registrar, Equity Facilitator, as well as 
any supervisors, and assistants for the College.

These individuals should not attempt to investigate, but should instead report and allow Public 
Safety to investigate.

All persons in the College community are encouraged to assist anyone in reporting alleged 
criminal activity by contacting Public Safety and/or the St. Paul Police Department, as well as 
providing assistance in making the report.

Student Organizations with control of any facility are encouraged to report safety and security 
concerns to Public Safety.

Counselors are required to provide statistical information relating to crimes on campus but may 
continue to honor the confidentiality of victims.

Saint Paul College Response to Reports

All allegations will be investigated. These investigations may be made in conjunction with the St. 
Paul Police Department.

Reports will be classified by the Director of Public Safety in conjunction with the appropriate 
police agency according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Definitions.

When alleged perpetrators are identified as students, the case will be forwarded to the Dean of 
Student Development and Services, (651) 846-1360, for investigation and appropriate action.

Criminal investigation, arrest and prosecution can occur independently, before, during or after the 
campus judicial process.

The College will issue a timely warning to members of the campus community in cases of 
reported murder, sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft and any 
hate crimes (manifesting evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation or 
ethnicity) of murder, forcible rape or aggravated assault, in cases where the Public Safety Officer 
(or designee) determines there is a continuing threat. In such cases, warnings will be published 
through campus bulletins and newsletters.


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