Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Naming Buildings, Sites and Common Areas Procedure

​The College shall follow procedures as set forth in System Procedure 6.8.1 for naming buildings, sites and common areas.

Background and Purpose

Saint Paul College has the opportunity to name College properties and facilities in honor of persons or entities that have made important philanthropic and/or service contributions to the College.

Philanthropic Naming refers to the naming of properties and facilities in recognition of a charitable donation from an individual or organization. Philanthropic Naming is a prominent honor for an individual or organization deemed worthy of such recognition. The act speaks to the judgment that is exercised by the College to link the name of an individual or organization that is considered commendable at Saint Paul College.

Recognizing that the naming of College properties and facilities is highly visible to the College and the community at large, all who are involved in the act of a philanthropic naming must do so discreetly, thoughtfully, and with concern for how that action will be viewed in retrospect. Any such proposed action must be consistent with the interests of the College, to assure that the amount of the contribution warrants the proposed recognition, and to maintain equity in the relationships of donations for similar naming opportunities.

General Guidelines

  1. No commitment regarding naming shall be made to a donor or a non-donor honoree prior to approval of the related proposal.
  2. A proposal for naming shall include documentation of the following:
    1. ​A thorough analysis of the proposal in relation to the College and Minnesota State naming policies and guidelines;
    2. A consultation process to provide the benefit of the collective institutional memory and broad campus perspective with regard to naming activities. The process shall involve an ad hoc committee on naming, appointed by the College president, that represents broad institutional interests;
    3. A consultation process that includes the Initial Request for Approval to Name form with appropriate signatures and a Draft Gift Agreement;
    4. The committee’s recommendation, including an explanation of the consultation and review process shall be submitted to Cabinet for approval. In the case of a building, site or common area, the proposal shall be submitted to the chancellor for approval. (Minnesota State Policy 6.8 and Procedure 6.8.1.).
  3. A naming conferred in recognition of a gift or pledge must be accompanied by a gift agreement that has been approved by the donor, the College Cabinet, and the Friends of Saint Paul College Board of Direc
  4. A naming conferred in recognition of a pledge will be approved when half the funding commitment has been received by the Foundation and the remaining balance has been formally pledged to the Foundation.

Proposal for Naming in Honor of an Individual When No Gift Is Involved

  1. When names of individuals are used, that individual shall meet the criteria outlined by Minnesota State Procedures 6.8.1 Naming Buildings, Sites and Common Areas.

Proposal for Naming a Property or Facility In Recognition of a Charitable Gift

  1. The gift shall be in an amount which will either a) fund the total cost of the project to be named or b) provide funding for that portion of the total cost which would not have been available from any other source (such as federal or state loans or appropriations, student fees, or bond issues), the latter to constitute a significant portion of the total cost as determined on the merits of each individual case, unless a different gift amount for naming is specified and agreed upon.
  2. If a project is funded by several or many private donors, and one donor makes a gift covering a significant portion of the amount needed, consideration may be given to naming the project after that donor.
  3. To avoid any appearance of commercial influence or conflict of interest, additional due diligence should be taken before recommending the naming of a major program, area, building, open space, or roadway that involves the name of a corporation or a corporate foundation. The naming for an individual associated with a corporation shall be handled as any naming for an individual.
  4. Corporate names may be used to designate individual rooms or suites of rooms. Plaques in public spaces within buildings may recognize the contributions of corporations. The size, design, and wording of plaques and other signs that acknowledge corporate generosity and express Saint Paul College’s appreciation shall be modest in size and exclude logos to avoid the appearance of advertising.
  5. The naming of a property or facility is effective for the useful life of the property or facility so long as it is used for the purpose for which it was used at the time of the gift. If a property or facility must be replaced or significantly renovated, or the use of an area redesigned, it may be renamed, subject to the specific terms and conditions set forth in any gift agreement related to the prior naming action.
  6. A naming conferred in recognition of a pledge is contingent on fulfillment of that pledge and will be approved on that condition.

Proposal for Renaming a Building or Facility

A proposal to rename a facility or area or to add a second name shall adhere to the criteria outlined above and shall comply with Minnesota State policy. When a facility or area is proposed for renaming, College and Foundation representatives will make all reasonable efforts to inform in advance the original donors or honorees and their immediate family members.

Renaming may be considered under the following circumstances:

  • If the area named is demolished or is no longer to be used for the College’s benefit
  • If the function of the facility changes to the extent that the purpose for the naming no longer is relevant
  • If the living individual or entity is involved in activities that conflict with the College’s values or that bring dishonor or embarrassment to the College
  • If other special circumstances arise

If the College proposes to change the function of a named facility or area, the Executive Director of the Foundation shall participate in the review and approval process to ensure that any related gift agreements are documented and reviewed and legal counsel is consulted, as appropriate, in accord with the naming policies.


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