Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - College Security, Access, and Parking Procedures

Registration and Fees

It is mandatory for all motor vehicles parked on the Saint Paul College campus to use the parking 
access system. Students and College employees holding handicapped certificates or having state 
issued handicapped plates are also required to use the parking access system by using a parking 
access card or by obtaining a short-term parking access ticket at the entrance that can be paid for 
when exiting the parking lot. Fee rates shall be published annually in the Student Handbook, on 
the College website, and in each semester course schedule.

To Receive a Student Parking Access Card

Parking access cards are available at the Tuition Office on the first floor.

Parking Access Card Replacement

Parking access cards that are reported lost or stolen can be replaced at any time. The replacement 
cost is $10.00 for the first time and $15.00 for any additional replacement cards. If a parking 
access card that has been reported lost or stolen is later located and used by a vehicle on campus, 
appropriate legal action will be taken.



A full refund will be issued to students who withdraw from all classes within the add/drop period 
each semester and return their parking access card to the Tuition Office. There will be no refunds 
for parking access cards after this timeframe and any unused balance left on the card will be 


There will be no refunds issued for any unused balance left on employee parking access cards 
upon the end of employment with the College. It is the responsibility of the card holder to 
determine the appropriate value necessary to park in the College parking lots. Any unused funds 
will be forfeited to the College.

Handicapped Parking

Campus parking lots have designated handicapped parking stalls available. All vehicles parked in 
a handicapped stall must display a valid handicapped permit or license plate Violations of 
handicapped parking are strictly enforced and may result in a fine of up to $200.00. Deliveries, 
errands, or drop-offs are not valid excuses for parking in or obstructing handicapped stalls.

Daily Parking

Daily parking is available for anyone who does not have a parking access card by taking a parking 
access ticket when entering the parking access system. The parking fee must be paid when exiting 
the parking lot

Enforcement and Penalty

It is mandatory that all motor vehicles parked on Saint Paul College campus use the 
parking access system to go in and out of the parking lot.

Parking Access Card Resale/Transferring Prohibited

Parking access cards are only sold by the College and not offered for resale or exchange between, 
among, or by individuals. Each person using a parking access card must be registered with Saint 
Paul College Business Office.

Lot Information

Parking access cards or parking access tickets are required to park in the surface parking lots and 
parking ramp 24 hours per day 7 days a week unless otherwise indicated. No overnight parking is 
allowed (special allowances may be made for groups or persons whose classes require overnight 

Loading Zones

Loading and unloading of persons or products will be limited to zones that are marked for that 
purpose. Violators will be ticketed. All deliveries should be done through the loading dock which 
can be accessed from the Kellogg Blvd. entrance.

Parking Violations

The College is authorized to enforce parking regulations on campus by state statute 169.966. 
Parking citations will be issued for violations including:

WARNING(See Narrative)​
​Parked in Roadway/Obstructing Traffic
​Parked on Grass, Sidewalk or Curb
​Not Within Marked Space

​Parked in "No Parking" Zone
​Unauthorized Parking
​Visitor parking Only
​Fire Lane/Fire Hydrant Parking Location
​Illegal Entry/Exit of the Parking Lot
Handicapped Parking Violation

Ticketing and Towing Policies

Saint Paul College reserves the right to ticket and/or tow any vehicle in violation of established 
parking regulations at the owner’s expense. This includes the right to collect any fines or fees 
associated with the ticketing and/or towing of a vehicle. In addition, persistent violators may have 
their parking privileges revoked.
Citations issued to students and employees will be directly charged to an accounts receivable 
account through the Business Office.


Vehicles parking on Saint Paul College property, with multiple unpaid citations, are subject to 
being towed. Continued and blatant disregard for Saint Paul College parking regulations is 
unacceptable and subject to ticketing and towing. Vehicles whose owner cannot be identified 
through motor-vehicle records or whose owner is not a current student or employee may be towed 
without notice at the driver’s expense any time the vehicle is found parked on the College 
campus. In addition, if the operator is found to be a student, unpaid tickets will be billed to the 
student’s account and a financial hold will be placed on the student’s record until all outstanding 
fines are paid, thus preventing registration and access to transcripts.

Vehicles are subject to towing and/or fines at any time for any of the following violations:

  • Illegal parking
  • Four or more outstanding citations or illegal entry/exit of the parking lot
  • Failure to move a vehicle during snow removal, lot closing or lot maintenance.

Violation Explanations

Stall definition: a legal parking space consists of lines painted on the lot, designating a single 
parking space.

  • Warning:
    A warning ticket may be issued for any violation. No fine is imposed. First time violators 
    may still be issued citations and not a warning.

  • $35 Parked on Grass, Sidewalk or Curb:
    No vehicle may be parked between the boundary line of any parking lot and a sidewalk or 
    any grassy area or area designated as a lawn.

  • $35 Parked in Roadway/Obstructing Traffic:
    Vehicles may not be parked on any roadway in such a manner as to leave insufficient 
    width of the roadway for free movement of vehicle traffic. When parallel parking, vehicles 
    must be parked within 12 inches from the curb. Vehicles not parked far enough into a 
    parking space as to leave the end of the vehicle hanging noticeably outside the parking 
    space shall constitute a violation.

  • $35 Not Within Marked Space:
    No vehicle may be parked in a space at an angle, on/or over a stall line.

  • $50 No Parking Zone:
    No motor vehicle may be parked in any space not specifically marked as a parking space 
    or stall – no sign required.

  • $50 Unauthorized Parking:
    Only vehicles assigned or authorized to park in specifically reserved or designated parking 
    areas may be parked in these spaces. Unauthorized vehicles found in reserved or 
    specifically designated parking stalls, parking lots, or roadways may be ticketed and/or 
    towed at the owner/operator’s expense without further notice. A parking space that is 
    coned off is considered a reserved space.

  • $50 Fire Lane/Fire Hydrant:
    Vehicles may not be parked in an area designated (with signs or yellow slashed lines) as a 
    fire lane, along a painted yellow curb, or within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. Due to potential 
    emergency situations, parking in a fire lane, even for a moment, shall constitute a 
    violation. Please note that this is NOT an appealable offense.

  • $100 Illegal Entry/Exit of the Parking Lot:
    Failure to use your parking access card to enter and/or exit the parking lot may result in 
    your vehicle being ticketed, immobilized and/or towed as well as loss of parking 
    privileges. Repeat violators may also be subject to student discipline, up to and including 
    suspension. Vehicles utilizing a parking access ticket to park on-campus that exit the 
    parking lot by unlawful/improper means will also be subject to the same enforcement 
    guidelines. Please note that this is NOT an appealable offense.

  • $200 Handicapped Zone/Ramp:
    Vehicles may not be parked in a space designated for handicapped parking, or 
    handicapped loading/access, without displaying a current state-issued handicapped license 
    plate or permit.

    Outstanding citations will be billed to the student’s account. If a student’s family 
    member is found to be the owner of the vehicle, all outstanding citations may be b
    illed to 
    the student’s account at any time. Please note that this is NOT an appealable offense.

If You Receive a Citation for a Parking Violation

Payment is to be directed to the Business Office and requires a copy of the citation. Payment is due 
fifteen (15) business days from the date the citation was issued. Payment is accepted by cash, credit 
card or check. Checks are to be made payable to the College.

You may appeal your citation within fifteen (15) business days from the date the citation was 
issued. Appeal forms are available at the Public Safety front desk or the Business Office. The form 
must be filled out completely to be considered. Please note that fire lane, illegal entry/exit, and 
handicapped citations are NOT appealable offenses. If you fail to pay your parking citation(s), the 
fine(s) will be placed on your student record. If the ticket goes unpaid, a hold will be placed on 
your account and you will be unable to get a copy of your transcript or register until the fine is 
paid. Unpaid tickets will be processed through the College’s normal collection process and the 
debt will be submitted to Minnesota Department of Revenue for collection.

Emergency Situations

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, flat tire or severe weather situations, contact the Public 
Safety Office, (651) 8461322. In order to obtain short term exceptions to parking regulations, 
individuals must contact the Public Safety Office immediately at (651) 846-1322. The Public 
Safety Office cannot authorize a vehicle to remain illegally parked in handicapped stalls, or 
blocking traffic, fire lanes, etc.

Surface Parking Lots and Parking Ramp Designated Parking Areas

Daytime Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

​​​Saturday, 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Evening Hours: Monday - Friday, 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Visitor Parking

Visitors must enter the parking lot through the left entrance on Marshall Avenue. Before the gate 
will open, a short-term parking access ticket will need to be taken at the gate. This short-term 
parking access ticket will state the time and day that the visitor arrived. When exiting, the visitor 
will need to pay with cash or credit card. The visitor will need to exit at the gate on Marshall 
Avenue. Visitors may park anywhere on the surface parking lots or in the parking ramp, except 
for marked reserved spaces.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking is available in the designated parking areas accessed off of the Kellogg Blvd. 
and Marshall Ave. entrances. Both entrances can be used by access card holders. Visitors can 
park in either the upper or lower lot designated motorcycle parking area; however, visitors must 
use the Marshall Ave. entrance and then exit at Marshall Ave. by paying the hourly rate when 
leaving. The cement motorcycle parking areas are located to the left of the Kellogg Blvd. entrance 
in the lower lot and at the east end of upper Lot B.

No Parking Zones

  • Any restricted parking space without a proper parking tag
  • Any handicapped space without a legally displayed sticker or license plate.
  • Fire lanes. This includes leaving room for a minimum of two vehicles to pass at the end of 
    each row.
  • Front of any garage doors.
  • Any Right of Way areas. This includes the area north of the Truck and Fabrication Shops 
    to allow for oversized vehicle maneuvering.
  • Any areas not paved or designated for parking. This includes sidewalks, curbs, and lawns.

Vehicle Lockout

If a parking lot user locks her/his keys in her/his vehicle on campus, she/he may contact the 
Department of Public Safety and an attempt will be made to open the vehicle if the parking lot 
user signs a Saint Paul College Waiver of Liability releasing the College from liability. Proof of 
insurance and proper identification will also be required. This service is available on a "first-
come, first-served" basis as time or weather permits. Public Safety officers will assist as soon as 
possible after their other patrol and/or emergency-care duties are completed.

Battery Jump Start Service

Public Safety has a jump-start service for vehicles parked on campus. Anyone parked on campus 
can get a free jump-start if she/he signs a Saint Paul College Waiver of Liability releasing the 
College from liability. Proof of ownership and proper identification will also be required. This 
service is available on a "first-come, first-served" basis as time or weather permits. Public Safety 
officers will assist as soon as possible after their other patrol and/or emergency-care duties are 

If Public Safety officers are unable to assist or if their attempts fail, the parking lot user will need 
to call a local service station and pay the private vendor for the cost of the service provided. The 
Department of Public Safety can be called for assistance at 651.846.1322.


​Minnesota State Board Policy 5.11

Review Date

8/28/2020 5:00:00 AM - 10/5/2020 5:00:00 AM

Policy Status

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