Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - College Security, Access, and Parking Policy

The authority for establishing traffic and parking regulations on the Minnesota State Colleges and 

Universities campuses is granted by Minnesota Statute Section 169.966 Subd. 8 (1988). These 
regulations have been approved by the College President pursuant to the statute. These rules shall 
remain in effect until modified by the college.

These regulations apply only to the College campus property. Streets around the campus and 
adjoining neighborhood are governed by state law and the City of Saint Paul ordinances.

Driving and parking on campus is permitted in accordance with these regulations, which are 
designed for safety and to control movement of vehicles. All persons operating a vehicle on 
campus are responsible for being familiar with and complying with all traffic and parking 
regulations. These regulations are designed to provide maximum use of the parking facilities at 
the College and to insure that everyone (students, faculty, staff or visitors) has an equal 
opportunity to park. It is the goal of the College to provide fair and equal enforcement for all users.

A Saint Paul College parking access card or short-term parking access ticket allows parking in 
designated campus parking lots and the parking ramp. The responsibility for finding a legal 
parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for 
violation of parking regulations.

The College assumes no liability for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its 
contents at any time while it is operated on or parked on the campus property. All vehicles should 
be locked when left unattended.

Drivers shall observe the college traffic and parking regulations and drive safely, giving 
pedestrians the right of way at all times.

The College reserves the rights to ticket, immobilize, and/or tow any vehicle, at the owner’s 
expense, that is in violation of established parking regulations. Persistent violators, in addition, 
may have their privileges denied and/or be subject to sanctions under the student code of conduct. 
If your vehicle is immobilized, a fee will be added to your total fine.


​Minnesota State Board Policy 5. 11

State Statute 136F.67

Review Date

8/28/2020 5:00:00 AM - 10/5/2020 5:00:00 AM

Policy Status

Under Review