Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Use of College/State Property

Employees are not allowed to use their position to procure personal advantages not available to 

the general public.

All college property is also state property. State property is not to be used for personal or private 
use except as specifically authorized (such as limited personal use of computers (see Minnesota 
State Policy 5.22)

College long distance service and college cell phones may not be used for personal or private 
purposes. Frequent flyer miles earned through college-authorized travel for college-related 
purposes may not be used for personal or private purposes.

Employees involved in purchasing or contract decisions for the college may not have any 
personal financial interest in the purchase or contract, and may not accept any gift (other than one 
of nominal value) or other thing of value directly or indirectly from a vendor.​


Minnesota Statutes sections 43A.38-.39 (Code of ethics for employees in the executive branch)
Minnesota Statutes section 15.43 (Financial interest; textbook exception)
Minnesota State Procedure 1C.0.1 (Employee Code of Conduct)
College Policy 1.12 (Employee Conduct and Ethics Policy)

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