Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Special Expenses Procedure


Special expenses are expenses incurred in connection with official functions of the Minnesota 
State Colleges and Universities or assigned duties of system employees which are not 
reimbursable through the regular expense regulations.

Authorization/Approval of Special Expenses

The chancellor delegates the authority to approve/disapprove special expense requests for 
employees of the state colleges and universities to the presidents. A president may delegate 
his/her authority to approve/disapprove special expense requests to a college employee(s).

Except in emergency situations, approval is required before any special expense is incurred and 
before commitments involving special expenses are made.

Employees must obtain approval of special expenses before incurring such expenses or the 
payment may be denied. Requests received after the event or too late to provide a proper review 
must include an explanation of why the request was not provided in a timely manner. Payments 
to reimburse or advance special expenses may be made only if the approved request to incur 
special expenses is attached to either the Employee Expense/Reimbursement Report or the 
Purchasing Card Individual Transaction Log.

Special Expense Coverage

Special expense coverage information is provided in Board Procedure 5.20.


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