Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Travel Management Procedure

The College shall follow the Minnesota State Travel Management Procedure 5.19.3 and the 

following procedure in managing the College employee travel.


Authorization by Supervisor(s) Necessary

All travel at state expense must be pre-approved through completion of the “Travel Request 
Form”. If travel is out of state, approval by the president is necessary. Travel may not be 
approved by a supervisor unless the travel is primarily for the benefit of the state. The supervisor 
approving the travel request is responsible for maintaining a file of his/her approved travel 
requests for audit purposes, and for comparison in claim processing. A copy of the “Travel 
Request Form” should be attached by the supervisor to the claim when submitted to the Business 
Office for payment.

All travel requests must be submitted for approval at least ten (10) working days prior to any 


Reservation Procedures

All out-of-state air travel, lodging and other travel reservations should be done through a state 
approved travel agency.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Call travel agency and identify yourself as an employee of the College.
  2. Request all discounts offered by the travel agency for the State of Minnesota.
  3. Tell travel agency how you will be paying for the trip; credit card most of the 
    time when you are making your own travel arrangements.
  4. Request the services you want, for instance, airline reservations, lodging, 
    vehicle rental, etc.
  5. Identify where you want to go and the specific departure and return dates plus 
    any intermediate stops.

The travel agency shall take care of everything you request and mail to you your itinerary and the 
tickets you ordered.

If you wish to keep air travel costs off your credit card, use the requisition form to request a 
departmental purchase order. The Business Office will make air travel arrangements that will be 
billed directly to the College. If you elect to use this option, tell the travel agency.


In order to be in compliance with state travel rules, the employee must stay at a preferred 
vendor facility
 or attempt to secure lowest government rate. Booking through a travel agency 
will generally accomplish this compliance requirement.


All reimbursable expenditures must be reported on the “Employee Expense Reimbursement 
Form” and approved by the employee’s supervisor.

The College employee is responsible for accurate completion of the expense claim, required 
documentation, and adherence to all travel policy requirements. Claims will only be processed 
through use of the “Employee Expense Report,” with required documentation. Do not put any 
item on the “Employee Expense Report” which the college is paying for directly.

Meals may only be compensated to the limitations of your collective bargaining agreement.


Teleconferencing/videoconferencing – The College has equipment and facilities available for 
this purpose. Travel should not take place when this is a viable alternative.

Air Travel – Reservations must be made through the travel agency, NOT directly through the 
airline to assure compliance with state policy. Authorization and purchase order issuance must 
precede reservations.

Car Rental – Will not be reimbursed unless pre-approved with specific information provided by 
the employee
 as to why public transportation is unavailable.


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