Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Travel Management

All reimbursed travel shall be approved by the appropriate supervisor, be for a valid College 

purpose, and be in accordance with Minnesota State Board travel policy 5.19 available at web-site 

All international travel and out-of-state travel, must be pre-approved by the College President 
using a Travel Request form. All in-state travel without an overnight stay greater than 90 miles 
one way from Saint Paul College shall be pre-approved by the direct supervisor using the Travel 
Request Form. All in-state travel with an overnight stay shall be pre-approved by the direct 
supervisor using the Travel Request Form. Instructions are included on the form, which is 
available on the Saint Paul College Intranet Document Center – Business Office page.

The delegated approving authority must maintain copies of all travel related documentation, 
including travel request forms, purchasing card transaction logs, requisitions and business 
expense reimbursement reports that have been approved.


Reference: Minnesota State 5.19
MS 136F.42, Subd.2

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