Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Procurement and Contracts

Part 1 – Authority

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 136F.581, the Board of Trustees has authority for purchases and 
contracts consistent with Minnesota Statute 471.345, Uniform Municipal Contracting Law, and 
other pertinent statues. It is the policy of the Board of Trustees that contracts shall not usually 
exceed five years, including renewals, unless otherwise provided for by law or approved by the 
chancellor. Exceptions will be reported to the board of Trustees.

Part 2 – Responsibilities

The College is responsible for procurement of necessary goods and services and the 
implementation of contracts that maximize the use of financial resources.

The system-wide procedures for procurement and contracts consistent with Minnesota Statute 
471.345, Uniform Municipal Contract Law, and in compliance with other pertinent state and 
federal laws, shall provide detailed instructions for implementation.

Policies and procedures related to facilities design and construction contracts are addressed in 
Board Policy 6.5, Capital Program Planning Including Construction Delegation and Facilities 
Construction Contracts.

Part 3 – Accountability/Reporting

The College president is held accountable by the chancellor for complying with state and federal 
laws, Board policy, and system-wide procedures for all purchases and professional technical 
services contracts.

The Board of Trustees will receive annual reports on contracts over $100,000. Contracts of three 
million dollars or more require approval by the Board of Trustees.


Reference: Minnesota State 5.14

​​MS 136F.581
MS 471.345

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