Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Faculty Leaves of Absence Procedure

‚ÄčApproved faculty leaves of absence can only be taken in full-day or half day increments. Faculty
members who have accrued a fractional day other than a one-half (1/2) day may also use that
fractional day.

Full Day and Half-Day Determination

  • A full day is used when a faculty member is absent from more than half of their assigned 
    duties on a given day. A half-day leave is used when a faculty member is absent from half 
    or less of their assigned duties on a given day.

  • Example: If a faculty member is assigned one class on the day of absence and that class is 
    missed, a full day of leave is used. If a faculty member is assigned three classes on a given 
    day and one class is missed, a half-day of leave is used.

A request for leave must be submitted using the Time and Leave Reporting (eTimesheet) module. 
Requests for a planned leave must be submitted in the leave system prior to the planned absence. 
Requests will be approved or denied electronically. Faculty leave balances are available for 
review at any time. The status of leave requests may be monitored within the electronic leave 
system found on the faculty and staff webpage under employee services, eTimesheet login.

When an absence is required due to illness or unforeseeable circumstances the faculty member 
must report the absence using the online class cancellation system or if unable to report online, 
must contact the appropriate Dean or designee as soon as possible. When the absence is 
unplanned the faculty member is expected to complete a leave submission using eTimesheet in a 
timely manner.

Any consecutive sick leave absence in excess of 3 days must be reported to the Human Resources 
Department. Under certain circumstances the college may request a doctor's certificate for return 
to work. Questions concerning absence from duty can be directed to the Human Resources Office.


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