Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Faculty Professional Development Procedures

​The faculty shall appoint a faculty development chair and establish a faculty professional development committee. Membership may be for more than one year.

Directions for Requesting Faculty Professional Development Funds:

  1. Complete the “Application for Faculty Professional Development Funds” form.
  2. Provide evidence of departmental/divisional support. A faculty request for leave of absence form signed by the Dean must be submitted when the planned activity require the faculty member to be absent from work during assigned duty days.
  3. Provide documentation describing the activity and your objective for participating in this activity. These funds are to be used to support the professional development of the faculty, the development needs of the academic departments or areas, and the planned instructional priorities of the college.
  4. Submit the above information to the Chair of the Faculty Development Funds Committee by the 10th day of the month prior to the requested activity. Allow at least one month prior to your activity to obtain approval. You will be notified shortly after the Faculty Development Funds Committee has approved the request. The Faculty Development Funds Committee chair shall provide the President or designee with a copy of the approved request as soon as possible after approval by the committee. In accordance with the language contained in the labor agreement, the President or designee shall have (1) week to review the approved request for compliance and shall decide whether to veto the expenditure or not. Failure to act within one (1) week timeline shall constitute a waiver the right to veto.

Criteria for Approving Staff Development Funds:

  1. Must meet one of the following four categories:
    • ​​Discipline developmentBuilds knowledge and skills with the academic discipline or professional speciality.
    • Instructional development: Improve classroom teaching, learning, and assessment techniques.
    • Career development: Provides tools for effective personal planning to improve the quality of work and life.
    • Organizational development: Enhances administrative and leadership skills to fulfill the institutional mission of the College.
  2. Departmental/Divisional support in a monetary and/or other documented format must be supplied.
  3. An Activity Evaluation Form will be completed within two weeks after the end of the activity and submitted to your Academic Dean or supervisor and the Human Resources Department. This information will be filed with your IDP, and shared with the Human Resources Committee for future reference in considering other similar activity requests.

Other Considerations:

  1. Previous activity participation by individual.
  2. Benefits to College and College population including students, staff, and industry.
  3. Other similar departmental requests to insure equitable distribution of opportunity.
  4. Regional activity availability.
  5. Availability of funds.


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