Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Maximum Class Size


  1. The purpose of this policy is to implement the employment contract between the MN 
    State Colleges & Universities and the MN State College Faculty (MSCF) which 
    mandates maximum class size be established in accordance with the current MSCF 
  2. Classes must be large enough to economically justify the resources expended to 
    operate the College.
  3. Facility limitations must be considered when setting maximum class size.


  1. Maximum class size (max cap) is the maximum number of students that can enroll in a 
  2. Class tally, which is the published class size/enrollment figure, is the enrollment cap 
    that takes into consideration facility limitations, etc. It cannot exceed the maximum 
    class size.
  3. Maximum class size shall be established by the Administration through the Shared 
    Governance process and in consultation with the disciplines in department meetings. 
    Any change must be considered through Shared Governance process at least one 
    semester in advance, unless necessitated by annual staffing allocation change in which 
    case changes shall be considered as soon as possible after allocations are known.
  4. Students who are on the official 11th day class roster shall constitute the official 
    enrollment in the class.
  5. An instructor may be assigned to teach two sections of the same course at the same 
    time. The maximum class size limit will be the sum of the combined class size limits.
  6. An instructor may be assigned to teach multiple classes at the same time (flex labs or 
    combined classes). The MSCF contract language shall be followed in assigning credit, and the maximum class size limit will be the highest cap of the multiple classes.
  7. The maximum class size will be updated to reflect the preceding semester’s Shared 
    Governance review, effective beginning Fall or Spring Semester.



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