Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Program Approval

​A program or major shall be approved by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees before it is offered by the College. Approval by the Board requires that the program or major proposal demonstrates:

  1. need and appropriate location(s) to address unmet student and occupational demand;
  2. resource sufficiency, i.e., capability of the system and institution(s) to provide necessary human, physical, and financial resources to support the program or major; and
  3. mission relevance, i.e., contribution to the institutional and system missions.

The College shall include information on transfer of credit in applications for new programs. A program or major may be approved with conditions, e.g., a specified termination date. The Board may rescind approval for new programs that do not enroll students within 18 months from the date of Board approval.


Program or major: A combination of courses and experiences for credit leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate and designed to accomplish objectives such as 1) preparation for advanced study, 2) qualification for an occupation or range of occupations, and/or 3) increase of knowledge and understanding in an area. A program or major must be offered by the College. Accomplishment of program objectives requires a set of structured learning experiences, defined by the College, which constitutes a major or is certified by a credential.


Reference: Minnesota State 3.36

Date: 012303 Rev. 4.00

Review Date: 06011​

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