Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Faculty Professional Development Plan


All faculty in unlimited positions shall prepare a Faculty Professional Development plan. Plans 
shall be developed in consultation with the Academic Dean and shall address specific objectives 
and expected outcomes in up to six component areas of development. The development plan may 
cover a period of one or more academic years, dependent upon the nature of the activities to be 
completed. While the plan effective dates may vary, all plans will be reviewed by Academic 
Affairs on an annual basis to ensure progress and relevancy to the faculty member’s credential 
field and level of teaching experience.


This policy is written in accordance with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 
3.32 and System Procedure 3.321 regarding Faculty Credentialing. The professional development 
plan process will be administered by the Academic Affairs Division.


This policy applies to faculty in unlimited positions. The purpose of the professional 
development plan, as stated in System Procedure 3.32.1, is to identify activities and/or strategies 
to be used by the faculty member to maintain currency in the faculty member’s credential field(s) 
and in teaching and learning skills and may include activities that go beyond maintaining 


Reference: Minnesota State 3.32

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