Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Internship Procedure

​The purpose of the internship experience is to enhance the relationship between theory and 

practice. The process of conducting an internship is as follows:

  1. The instruction shall be supervised by a credentialed professional who will provide 
    periodic site visitation.

  2. An internship experience requires that a learning plan, developed for the student by the 
    major program instructor and training sponsor, be provided to the student.

  3. The training sponsor shall evaluate each intern on technical knowledge and job 
    performance, as well as offer input in the instructor’s evaluation of the intern.

  4. A pass/fail grade shall be recorded for each student who participates in an internship 
    experience based on the grading policy and procedure of the College.

  5. All internship experiences require a memorandum of agreement or contract between the 
    College and training sponsor.


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