Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - College Program Advisory Committees Procedure

The purpose of an effective College program advisory committee is to provide guidance and 

advice on initial development, accountability, currency, future trends, expansion and closure of 
academic programs or program clusters.

  • Membership should follow the guidelines established in the current Program Advisory 
    Committee Handbook
  • Minutes are maintained which document activities, decisions and recommendations
  • Priorities focus on the following * curriculum and technical skills 
    * staff development 
    * marketing 
    * student recruitment mentoring and placement 
    * resources and equipment 
    * evaluation
  • The Program Advisory Committee Handbook provides resources of best practices to make 
    optimum use of technical/occupational education College advisory committees. Program 
    Advisory Committee Handbook is produced by the Academic and Student Affairs 
    Division of the MN State Colleges & Universities System.


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