Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Copyright Infringement and Sanctions Procedure (Higher Education Opportunity Act)

Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials by users of the College networks is prohibited.

Element 1: Technology-Based Deterrents.

P2P traffic on the wireless network on campus will be blocked. Utilization of the wired network 
for P2P traffic will be the only option. All Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices 
will be vigorously responded to and accepted.

Element 2: Education and Informing the Campus Community About Inappropriate Use of Copyrighted Materials (Include Disciplinary Procedures)

All incoming students will be provided with information on the illegality and dangers of 
downloading illegally obtained copyrighted materials. In addition, this information is included in 
the Student Handbook, Student Technology Handbook, and posted on the college web site.

When DMCA notices are received the College will respond promptly. The student will be notified 
via email or phone call that he/she may be in violation either through alleged illegal downloading 
or allowing legally purchased songs/material on his/her computer to be shared with others 
illegally through a file-sharing program. The student will be required to meet with the Dean of 
Student Services and sign a form acknowledging notification of the rules regarding illegal file 
sharing (see Appendix A for first offence process and the form). The student will face progressive 
disciplinary actions, if the offence is repeated.

Element 3: Periodic Review

The Technology Committee will review the number of DMCA notices received annually and the 
policy will be annually reevaluated.

Element 4: Providing Legal Alternatives

The following link from EDUCASE will be posted at Saint Paul College Web site to inform 
college employees and students of the sites from which they can legally download copyrighted 

Appendix A


Copyright Infringement, First Offense.

  • College CIO informs Dean of Student Development & Services via e-mail of the file sharing violation.

  • Student is contacted for a meeting with the Dean of Student Development & Services.

  • During the meeting:

    • Student is informed of alleged copyright infringement.

    • Student is informed of copyright infringement references.

    • Student is told of progressive disciplinary action upon multiple offenses.

    • Student signs form. (Form is attached)

  • Form is added to student’s folder and retained by Student Services..


  • College Chief Information Officer informs Human Resources of file sharing violation.

  • Human Resources proceeds according to HR policy and bargaining unit agreements.


Review Date


Policy Status