Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Credit for Prior Learning Procedure - Internal Assessment

Part 1. CPL Internal Assessment

Internal assessment consists of methods and processes used by faculty members to assess students'

demonstrated learning and/or competence. Such assessments determine, course-equivalency, and application to degree requirements or electives. The College may award college level credit using the following CPL Internal


  • Credit by Exam: Credit awarded through assessment based on an examination developed by


  • Prior Learning Portfolio Assessment: A method of documentation of college-level learning

             gained from learning experiences outside of the college or university credit-bearing course, in

             which a student assembles materials demonstrating evidence of learning outcomes into a

             portfolio. Faculty assess the portfolio materials as evidence of learning to determine whether and how much credit will be awarded.

Part 2. Awarding CPL Credit – Internal Assessment

CPL internal assessments of student learning outcomes and competence must be conducted by faculty

with related subject-area expertise. Faculty evaluate student learning and determine a credit award

based on learning outcomes comparable to college level learning outcomes. Faculty may

assess prior learning in a single-subject process, or a process that reviews multiple subjects in one

documentation and assessment process.

​Credit may be awarded in the form of a course- equivalency. Credits awarded for prior learning may fulfill general, technical, Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), and/or

elective courses.


Part 3. Residency Credit for CPL – Internal Assessment

Credit shall be awarded for CPL internal assessments in a manner consistent with the residency and

graduation requirements in Board Policy 3.36 and System Procedure 3.36.1 Academic Programs. Credit

awarded through CPL internal assessment applies toward College residency credit requirements.


Part 4. Recording of CPL Credit – Internal Assessment

Credit awarded for CPL internal assessment shall be designated as a course on the official student

transcript. The source of the credit award and the course equivalency (when applicable) shall be

designated on the official student transcript.


Part 5. CPL Credit Limit – Internal Assessment

The total number of credits students may be awarded for CPL internal assessments shall not be limited.


Part 6: Tuition and Fees for CPL – Internal Assessment

The College charges a fee for CPL internal assessment. The fee charged is related to the number of

credits the student is seeking to have awarded through assessment. Students seeking CPL internal

assessment for sequenced courses, will be required to begin in the lowest level course in a sequence.

Example: Students wishing to receive credit for ASLS 1411 American Sign Language 1 and ASLS 1412

American Sign Language 2, will be required to assess for ASLS 1411, before assessing for ASLS 1412. The

fee charged is independent of the results of the assessment and non-refundable.


​Board Policy 3.36

System Procedure 3.36.1

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