Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Credit by Examination (CBE)

Credit by examination (CBE) for technical and general education is available to registered students in
declared program majors who are able to demonstrate achievement on college-level course content
that is applicable towards a Saint Paul College award. Credit by Examination is determined on a case by
case basis in selected areas and is at the discretion of the faculty member of the course. Credit by
examination is offered for technical (non-general education) courses where no CLEP exam exists. Credit
by examination is offered for general education and some business courses through the CLEP exam. A
maximum of 12 technical credits may be earned through credit by exam. There is no limit to the number
of credits a student may earn through the CLEP exam. Credits earned through CLEP examinations will
not satisfy the residency requirement for graduation at Saint Paul College. A credit by examination fee is
charged per course as outlined in procedure.‚Äč


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