Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - College Mission Procedure


Mission: A mission statement answers the following questions about the distinct purpose of the College: Who is to be served? What are our outcomes related to values and goals and how do we reach our outcomes?

Vision: A vision statement answers the following questions: What will the ideal future look like for the institution? What are the College’s distinct attributes? How will the enterprise respond to the future? The vision statement addresses evaluation, accountability, and regional accreditation.

Review and Approval of College Mission

The College shall submit to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) Board of Trustees an analysis of its mission, vision, purposes and, as appropriate, values and philosophy. The College’s analysis must indicate:

  1. How its mission and vision respond to the definitions above.
  2. The extent to which the College will meet expectations of law, how it relates to other institutions of higher education, and how its mission, vision and purposes support fulfillment of the system mission and vision.
  3. Its purposes and the array of awards it offers.
  4. Consultation with faculty, students, employers and other essential stakeholders.

The College may request a review of its mission at any time. If the College seeks to fundamentally change its mission and purposes, it shall submit evidence to Minnesota State indicating its preparedness to accomplish such a change.

Minnesota State staff shall prepare an analysis of an institution’s mission and support materials and prepare a report to the Board of Trustees regarding the institution’s mission compliance with statute, policy, and regional accreditation requirements.


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