Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Course Syllabi and Outline Procedures

‚ÄčThe Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee is the official repository of College course outlines and houses a database of all course offerings. Copies of course outlines (electronic file or hard copy) are available to faculty and staff upon request and must be posted online for student review. A course outline contains course number, title, description, credits (lecture and lab hours), prerequisites, co-requisites Minnesota Transfer Curriculum goals and learning outcomes. Please note that a course outline is College property, while a course syllabus is instructor property.

Instructors shall distribute to students a current course syllabus and course outline during the first class period or within the first week of the course. When courses are offered in a condensed format, the time frame for distribution of the syllabus shall be adjusted accordingly. It is important for instructors to discuss with students expectations regarding assignments, tests, and other pertinent course information.

The College course syllabi are developed by instructors and must include the following:

  • Course title and number
  • Course description
  • Course prerequisites
  • Total credits
  • Lecture/lab breakdown
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • MnTC Goal Area if applicable
  • Standards for evaluation
  • Course text and materials
  • Course goals
  • Student contributions
  • Course evaluation
  • Course schedule
  • Course room number and meeting times
  • ADA statement
  • Office Hours
  • In the case of possible College closure, please go the Saint Paul College website at for further information and/or instructions.

When developing a syllabus, faculty is asked to follow the standards established by the College Academic Affairs and Standards Council for credit ratios and course goals.

Credit Ratios

1 credit of lecture = 1 hour per week of in-class instruction and 2 hours of outside work

1 credit of lab = 2 hours per week of in-class instruction and 1 hour of outside work

1 credit of internship ) = 3 hours per week related to internship activities.

Instructors shall develop course outlines for all courses and submit to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs for posting on the College website. Instructors shall distribute a current/updated syllabus to all students. Changes to existing course outlines shall be made each academic term and submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs to ensure that the course outlines remain current.


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