Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Class Attendance and Participation

Students are expected to attend and participate in all classes for which they are enrolled. Attendance is required the first week of the session to keep class registration. Non-attendance during the first five business days of the term may result in being assigned a grade of FN (Failure for Non-attendance). In case of absence, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the faculty member.

Students registered for online classes must log into the course by the fifth day of the term.

Student course grades cannot be determined based solely by attendance. Attendance may be considered in the evaluation of performance only as it is identified in the course syllabus. When required by the relevant certification body, attendance will be reported.

Absenteeism may affect a student’s grade because of missed instruction. Course material and/or tests missed as a result of the student’s absence may be made up at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor is under no obligation to allow work or tests to be made up due to absence.​


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