Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program

The College shall provide opportunities for students to participate in the PSEO Program. Admissions criteria shall be established for PSEO students that promote progress through college-level coursework and that augment their continued academic growth. Criteria for enrollment shall include:

  1. All PSEO students shall be enrolled on the basis of available space and/or other appropriate, defined local standards and procedures.
  2. All PSEO students shall be expected to perform to the standards of non-PSEO students at the college.
  3. PSEO students shall not enroll in remedial courses (numbered below 100).
  4. Students who do not meet the listed criteria may be considered for participation in PSEO through special appeal by the high school counselor or principal.
  5. Restrictions to PSEO classes provided on-site at Minnesota high schools.
    1. ​Classes shall be discrete, college-level courses which do not simultaneously enroll PSEO and non-PSEO high school students.
    2. The College will provide a faculty mentor if a high school teacher is selected to provide PSEO instruction. High school teachers selected to provide PSEO instruction shall meet appropriate faculty qualifications.
    3. Courses for PSEO students shall only be offered that are approved through the curriculum process.​


​Reference: Minnesota State 3.5

Date: 012303 Rev. 4.00

Review Date: 060114

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