Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Admissions Procedure

‚ÄčLevels of Admission

Two levels of admission exist within the College:

  1. Admission into the College in accordance with the admissions policy statement.
  2. Admission into a major. At this level, preferred skills and knowledge for the occupation or major as well as basic academic skills assessment information can be considered in the admission of a student into a desired major program.

Admission to a Major Program

Students are accepted into major programs for the purpose of obtaining a specific degree, diploma, or certificate. Students may change their major at the beginning of the term by meeting prescribed admission requirements for respective programs. Major programs will not be changed mid-term.

Undeclared Students

A student who has not applied for admission and has not been accepted into a major program area may register for many classes. Some classes may be limited to students admitted to a specific major. Undeclared students are not assigned a faculty advisor and do not qualify for financial aid (Pell grant, loans, college work-study) or veterans educational benefits.

If at a later date the student decides to pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate in the program area, the credits taken as an undeclared student may apply towards a program.


Students who have interrupted attendance at the College must contact One Stop to apply for re-admission.


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