Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Admissions

Admission to the College is open to students who are at least sixteen years of age, have completed their high school diploma, GED, or equivalent, or meet Ability to Benefit requirements, and who are able to benefit from the educational offerings of the College. Admission to the College does not guarantee admission into a specific program or college-level classes. Clear and accessible information regarding college program admission requirements shall be provided in One Stop and in other locations. Academic, fiscal and facilities considerations may limit admission to a particular program. The exception to this policy relates to those Minnesota high school students who meet the requirements of the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Act of 1985 (See Minnesota State Policy 3.5) or other special high school programs.

Admission to courses is based on meeting validated course prerequisites. Students who are denied access to courses because of inadequate prerequisite knowledge shall be given reasonable opportunity to achieve those prerequisite skills.

The College is committed to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities nondiscrimination policy.


Reference: Minnesota State 3.4

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