Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Assessment for Course Placement

Policy Statement. Saint Paul College is dedicated to supporting student development and success. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System requires each college to implement a course placement policy that addresses how student knowledge and skills shall be assessed for course placement decisions, per Minnesota State policy 3.3.0 Course Placement. Saint Paul College has established an intake assessment process to evaluate student preparedness for college-level coursework for all students seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate program. The assessment requirement may be waived depending on previous college experience and/or college transcripts.

The assessment includes reading comprehension, written English, and mathematics knowledge and skills. English-as-a-Second Language Assessment is also provided. Additional assessment may be necessary for admission into selected programs or placement into certain courses. Assessment results may indicate a need for developmental coursework in reading, writing, grammar, and/or math prior to entering the program major.


College-level courses. A college-level course is a college or university course that meets college-level standards. Credits earned in a college-level course apply toward the requirements of a certificate, diploma, or degree.

Developmental-level course. A developmental-level course is a course designed to prepare a student for entry into college-level courses. Developmental-level course credits do not apply toward a certificate, diploma, or degree.


Reference: Minnesota State 3.3,

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