Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Academic Integrity

Saint Paul College – A Community & Technical College fosters the highest standards of academic integrity and the highest regard for truth and honesty. The attempt by students to present as their own any work not actually performed by them; collusion, fabrication and cheating on examinations, papers and other course-related work; stealing, duplicating or selling examinations; substituting for others in class discussions or examinations; producing other students’ papers or projects; knowingly furnishing false or misleading academic information on official college records shall be considered violations of academic integrity and destructive to the central mission of the College.

Students who violate academic integrity shall, after due process, be subject to College sanctions that may include failure on assignments and examinations, failure in courses, and suspension or expulsion. Established academic integrity policies, procedures, and sanctions are communicated in classes and publications, such as the Student Handbook.


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