Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Student Development Services

Pathway Advising

Pathway Advisors help students create and achieve their academic goals at Saint Paul College. They can work one-on-one with students to make a customized success plan to fit individual needs. Students seeking help with registration, needing assistance with time management, or who have concerns about being a successful college student are encouraged to meet with a Pathway Advisor. New students without previous college credit are encouraged to meet with a Pathway Advisor before registering for the first time. Continuing students should plan on meeting with a Pathway Advisor before making major academic decisions, such as withdrawing from a course or changing majors, and when needing academic guidance. Pathway Advisors can also help students discover how to overcome barriers to success by completing an academic performance assessment.


A certified counselor is available to assist students with personal counseling related to educational, social, personal, developmental and life career planning goals. The on-staff counselor also provides crisis intervention services, mediation, referrals to community agencies, and consultations when needed. Counseling Services are available on an appointment or emergency walk-in basis.

Office of Access & Disability Resources

Access and Disability Resource office provides assistance such as information, referral, advocacy, support, and academic accommodations for students. Accommodations are made on an individualized basis. Students with disabilities are responsible for seeking assistance and providing acceptable documentation of their disability prior to receiving accommodations in a timely fashion.

The Director of Access & Disability Resources assists in the transition of students with disabilities to Saint Paul College programs. They are responsible for identification, referral, advocacy, accommodation, and interagency coordination.

Career Services

Career Services is designed to assist students with career exploration and career-decision making. The Director of Career Services is available to help answer questions related to careers, education and job outlooks.

Career Services provides assistance to students and Saint Paul College graduates in their search for part time and full time employment. This assistance is a lifelong service to students and graduates. Assistance includes:

  • Listings of part time and full time job openings from employers who contact the College
  • Access to free online career and placement system designed specifically for Saint Paul College graduates and Alumni
  • Internet access to additional job opportunities nationwide
  • Cover letter and resume writing assistance.

Career Services conducts an annual follow-up of Saint Paul College graduates to determine the job status of the most recent program graduates.

Student Life Office

The Office of Student Life offers a variety of social, wellness, educational, cultural events and programs to enhance the student experience. In conjunction with a student’s classroom learning, these extracurricular activities serve to meet the diverse needs and interests of the student body. In addition, Student Life also encourages community and leadership involvement through participation in student clubs and organizations, campus events, activities and Student Senate.


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