Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Student Life

Part 1 – Student Life/Activity Program. The College shall establish a student life/activity program. The revenue generated by the student life/activity fee authorized by Policy 5.11 Tuition and Fees and Procedures 5.11.1 Tuition and Fees shall be used to fund student activities as defined in Minnesota Statute Section 136F.01, Subd. 5. The student life/activity program shall be administered in accordance with System policies and procedures and consistent with Minnesota Statute Section 136F.72 Subd. 3. Student life/activity programming is intended to provide for a wide range and balance of student activities that complement the curricular offerings of the institution. Funding decisions shall be made in a viewpoint neutral manner.

Part 2 - Student Life Committee

Subpart A. Establishment and membership. Each college and university shall have a student life/activity committee(s). The campus student association(s) may serve in this capacity. The campus student association(s) shall appoint the student members of the student life/activity committee(s). Not more than one-third of the voting members of a student life/activity committee shall be non-students. After consulting with the president or designee, the campus student association(s) may review and amend the membership structure of the student life/activity committee for the next academic year.

Subpart B. Committee responsibility. The committee(s) shall annually recommend to the campus student association(s) the amount of the fee in the ensuing year, the allocation of revenues, policies and procedures for oversight of the student life/activities budget, and expenditures consistent with system and institution policies and procedures (see Policy 5.11 Tuition and Fees and System Procedure 5.11.1 Tuition and Fees and System Procedure 2.8.1 Student Life)

Subpart C. Campus student association. On each campus, the student life/activity fee shall fund the campus student association as defined in Policy 2.1 Campus Student Associations.

Subpart D. Authority for expenditures. The president of the institution shall approve, reject or modify the student life/activity fee and/or budget and authorize the collection and expenditure of such fees. The campus student association(s) shall be consulted on any modification to the association(s)’s budget and expenditure recommendation prior to implementation. Student life/activity fund balances shall carry-over into the next fiscal year.

Subpart E. Budget reserves. Budget reserves for the student life/activity funds may be established and their status shall be annually reported to the student life/activity committee.


Reference: Minnesota State 2.8

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