Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Student Involvement in Decision-Making

Pursuant to Minnesota State Board Policy (Minnesota State 2.1 and 2.3.1), Saint Paul College values and promotes appropriate levels of student participation, review, and consultation in College decision-making to assure that student perspectives are considered.

The College President shall recognize the Student Senate as the official representative of the students. The Student Senate shall have the right to recommend the chartering of clubs and organizations for approval by the College President or designee.

Students shall be given the opportunity to serve as members of College committees, including the following: President’s Advisory Council, Technology Committee, Finance Committee, Marketing Committee, Facilities Committee, Friends of Saint Paul College Board, and Program Advisory Committees Strategic Planning Committees. Exceptions to participation may include committees established for the evaluation of personnel, committees established under collective bargaining agreements and Leadership Team s, presidential cabinets, and committees of the Board. Students may also be asked to serve on College workgroups or ad hoc committees.

The College President shall meet with representatives of the Student Senate at least twice per semester to discuss issues of mutual concern. The College President will structure the consultation process to provide adequate time for students to be able to discuss and consider an issue prior to any proposed recommendation.


Reference: Minnesota State 2.3

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