Saint Paul College Policies & Procedures - Affirmative Action in Employment Procedure



The President of the College has the ultimate responsibility for all AA/EO activities with the College. Final settlement of all college AA/EO issues rests with the President. As the primary administrator of the College’s AA/EO programs, the President shall:

1. Ensure that adequate staffing and resources are committed to implement College and Minnesota State System policies in the area of AA/EO.

2. Appoint an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Officer to assist in carrying out established AA/EO responsibilities.

3. Name a Human Resources Committee responsible for making recommendations concerning EO/AA programs, policies, and procedures for the College. The President shall ensure that the Committee members include representation from various constituencies within the college.

4. Ensure that underutilized group members are included on respective committees throughout the College and that the various constituencies within the college are also represented.

5. Provide the Minnesota State System Office with an annual summary of the college’s accomplishment in meeting goals set during the previous year.

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Officer (AA/EOO) Director of Human Resources

The AA/EOO is accountable to the President and is responsible for the overall implementation and administration of the College’s AA/EO program. The AA/EOO shall assist the President in carrying out AA/EO responsibilities, the AA/EOO shall:

1. Oversee the College’s compliance with Federal, State, and Minnesota State System laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to AA/EO, including Title IX, 504 legislation, and Americans with Disabilities Act legislation.

2. Develop, implement, and evaluate College AA/EO programs, plans, and guidelines in conjunction with the College Administration and the Human Resources Committee.

3. Provide recommendations to appropriate members of the college regarding AA/EO.

4. Advise the President on AA/EO program progress and prepare institutional reports on AA/EO efforts and accomplishments.

5. Coordinate, promote, and/or provide AA/EO training and education programs.

6. Review, investigate, and process employee complaints of discrimination and/or harassment based upon gender, sexual preference, sexual violence, race, religion, or physical or mental disability.

Administrative Supervisors (Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Directors/Supervisors)

Administrative supervisors are responsible for enforcing and implementing AA/EO goals, policies, and procedures within their functional area of responsibility. Administrative supervisors shall:

1. Assure that all AA/EO policies, plans, and procedures are complied with and carried out in their areas.

2. Assure that all employees within their administrative areas are informed of the College’s AA/EO policies, procedures, and practices.

3. Assist the AA/EOO in determining annual vacancies and hiring goals.

4. Identify factors that may inhibit the College’s AA/EO goals and objectives.

Accountability for administrative supervisors is shown in the college’s organizational chart. A copy of the college’s organizational chart is kept in the President’s Office.

Human Resources Director

In addition to the responsibilities described above for administrative supervisors and the AA/EOO, the Human Resources Director is also responsible for Affirmative Action hiring and is accountable to the president of the college. The Human Resources Director shall:

1. Develop, implement, and evaluate the search and selection process for all unclassified positions in accordance with established guidelines and procedures for recruitment.

2. Monitor the recruitment and selection process of all classified positions in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 43.18 and 179.74, Department of Employee Relations Personnel Rules, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

3. Ensure that hiring recommendations of supervisors and interview committees are based on job related criteria and are consistent with AA/EO goals and objectives.


The students, employees, prospective students and employees, and the public are informed of the. College’s commitment to Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AA/EO) via the following:

1. A summary of the AA/EO policy is included in the College Catalog and Semester Bulletins.

2. The employee handbook will contain a statement about the functions of the AA/EOO, identifies the name of the incumbent, the incumbent’s telephone number and the location of the office. The handbook will also contain a definition of applicable terms and describes the responsibilities and purpose of the Human Resources Committee as it relates to Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.

3. A summary of the Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy/Plan will be printed in the employee handbook, Semester Bulletins, Student Handbook, Calendar, and Customized Training and Continuous Education Bulletins. All job advertisements and notices of vacancy identify the College as an Equal Opportunity Educator and Employer.

4. New Employee and Student orientation programs will include a discussion of various forms of harassment and the appropriate grievance procedures. Copies of the complete Affirmative Action Plan will be distributed to the Minnesota State System Office, the President, Vice Presidents, and Deans, the Human Resources Office, and the College Library. Additionally, the Affirmative Action Plan is available to staff via the campus intranet.


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